Things that come out….
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Things that come out….

This is to pay homage to Anais. Both kids are able to find entertainment in just about anything….as do their mom’s.

I also have a special announcement for all the non-facebook readers….

Knoah has peed in the potty TWICE now!! Once the other day and once today!! What a birthday gift!!!! Yes, I do have pictures of the “Pee in the Potty” but no, I would post them. Boogers are on thing, pee is another!

Who knew the things that come out of the body can cause such excitement!?

Saturday Knoah fell, again. Yes, it was quite hard and the result was this…Things that come out….

It is FREAKING HUGE!! You should see it now! It’s all black and blue, still raised. It’s very, very nasty looking. I wish he would stop falling, I really do.

There is no news yet about the missing 5 year old, how sad is this? I cannot imagine her families pain and pray she is returned safely!! My kids are not happy, but they are on restriction until further notice. It has to be done!

The logo contest has been….stalled. So many of your wanted the “arc” in the top logo, in all CAPS, John is having to alter the logo. So we discussed back and forth about if we need to do another poll again, I said no, he says yes, so, we may do another poll with the altered logo. The poll will stay up in the meantime, sorry to those wanting to know the outcome. We are working on it!!

Other than that, Knoah has his appointment with the Nuerosurgeon on the 2nd as well as the ENT!! So, I am hopeful that he will have surgery soon to replace the PE tubes. We met with the sleep lab doctor and he said that he want’s to try nasal steriods to see if that will help with Knoah’s breathing. The steroids should open his nasal airway a bit more and quiet his breathing. This is what Dr. Pauli wanted the ENT to try but the ENT wanted to try a non-medicinal intervention first. So, he is going on something like Flonase.

Okay, other than that, we keep chugging along, inching ever so closer to NYC!!! Can’t wait!!