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The end of 2012. Literally.

It’s fast approaching, the end of 2012. If you ask the Mayans, it’s ending in 11 days.

I was asked with the last post to explain what it was that the doctor’s found with Knoah. Well, in layman terms, the veining system located at the back of Knoah’s neck is just that, a veining system his body created the help with the extra blood and fluid in his body.

It is not harmful to him, that we are aware. I will mention it when I take him to Delaware to see Dr. Mackenzie. WHAT?!! DELAWARE?

Yes, January 3-5, Knoah and I will be travelling to Delaware to DuPont Children’s Hospital to see Dr. Mackenzie for his Kyphosis. Over the last few years, since we stopped bracing his back, it has progressively gotten worse. Not really by outward appearences but inside, his curvature has gotten worse and we are starting to suspect slight nerve damage. Why? He has been stumbling over his feet. It’s not an everyday occurrence but it happens enough that he gets yelled at for running. So, best to be pro-active and start the process of figuring out his surgery…that in itself is another post.