From a newborn to a Kindergartener

From a newborn to a Kindergartener

Yes, Knoah is in Kindergarten…

No, I can’t believe it. It was just yesterday that he was born…just yesterday that we were in the hospital, just yesterday I thought I was going to lose him. Now today he’s in Kindergarten!

The first day was NOT what I had envisioned. He had a HARD time By Hard time, I mean, he started noticing the other kids staring at him. Then the questions started. “Are you a BABY?” asks one little girl.

“NO I AM NOT!” yells Knoah

He then packs his stuff in his bin, grabs it and turns to look at me and says “I want to go home!”

My heart breaks into pieces!From a newborn to a Kindergartener

He REFUSED to have his picture taken.

Those were the LONGEST 2 hours I have ever spent…within the last two years. LOL

As of today, he still complains about going to school, but knows he has to go. I hated that he has to experience this, but at the same time, I do not want to recuse him either. I did end up sending letters to school for the parents and staff explaining what Achondroplasia is and how it affects Knoah. I haven’t heard any feed back as of yet. I did also talk to the class about Knoah, saying we don’t call him a baby and that he is the same age as they are just short. They seemed receptive, so we will see how the year progresses.

Jacob started 7th grade and Hannah started 5th…AGH, they have gotten older too quickly!From a newborn to a KindergartenerFrom a newborn to a Kindergartener