Are Indoor Slides Practica

Are Indoor Slides Practical?

Most of the parents know why playing is important for a toddler, but they rarely associate with learning. For a toddler, learning involves gaining a new skill such as knowing shapes, memorizing alphabets, and counting numbers. But parents often believe that playing is to have fun and does not involve any learning.

Research shows that playing is learning. Children often learn through playing. We cannot underestimate the importance of play as it helps in a child’s development.

Playing is essential for a child’s social, physical, mental, and cognitive growth or development.  It also gives a great opportunity for parents to spend a lot of time with their loved ones. One of the kid’s all-time favorites is the slide. It may be either an indoor slide or an outdoor slide. They simply enjoy playing and spending more time on it.

How playing can benefit a child’s growth?


The most important and highly useful benefit of playing is that it sparks a child’s creativity. Creativity is almost related to divergent thinking, which means it enables a child to give as much as many solutions to a problem. This is a life skill to gain.


We associate early playing with intelligence. Some research shows that playing with toys enables an infant to reach a higher Intelligence quotient by age three.

Language and communication skills

Another study shows that ‘pretend-play’ helps a child to gain great language, pre-reading and writing skills. Playing in a playground with their fellow friends increases communication skills, which also leads to cognitive and social development.

Physical and mental health

Playing promotes emotional endurance important for a child’s mental health and resilience. Other playing activities that involve fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand, and eye coordination, strength, and endurance are a significant benefit for a child’s physical development.

Brain development

An environment enriched play with sensory play and material-oriented playing can promote a child’s brain development.  Stacking rings and jigsaw puzzles are the best play toys that increase brain development.

Thus the above points help in a child’s mental, physical, and cognitive development.

Are Indoor Slides Practica

Types of activities

  1. Indoor activity
  2. Outdoor activity
Games which are played in a closed environment, or inside a house are called an indoor activity Games which are played in an outdoor environment and termed as outdoor games
Can be played in houses, classroom, hotels and party halls Can be played in a stadium or a playground
Example: Indoor sliders, climbers, tunnels, video games, and table tennis Example: basketball and football

Importance of indoor games

Nowadays kids running around local areas and playing hide and seek is very rare to see in today’s environment. The major reason is the lack of open play areas and the changes in our lifestyles. So, a majority of toddlers and kids started playing in their own house. They are often at home playing climbers or indoor slides and video games.

Indoor games have proven to be a great outlet for children. This is because they can be active, have fun, and playing in a safe, clean, and comfy environment. Most well-designed and famous indoor play features include slides, climbers, tunnels, bridges, and adventures. It is very important to choose the best indoor slide for your toddler.

 Benefits of indoor games

  • Physical fitness
  • Enhances creativity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Comfortable space
  • Weatherproof

Indoor activities

  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Carom board
  • Video games

Here we can see slides and their benefits

What is a slide?

A slide is popularly defined as an act of moving along a smooth surface while maintaining continuous contact with it.

Are Indoor Slides Practica

Different types of slides

Toddlers slide usually stand only three feet, but they are going to give hours of entertainment for your children. But while choosing an indoor slide, pick the best indoor slide for toddlers. Buy a slide which is highly durable and cost-friendly. Also, look for add-ons or other special features that can provide another type of entertainment to your toddler differently.













Plastic slide (Small-sized slide) This is specifically designed for younger children. These are often the best indoor slides for toddlers. If your child grows, you can also pack and preserve it in your storeroom. It is 3 feet long. It is highly flexible. Well suited for a small area, where you can even easily fold and store it under a closet or a bed. Supervise them all the time and keep track of age recommendations. Older kids beyond the age limit or weight or height may get injured. Durable and cost-effective.
Soft-structured slide (Customized slide) It helps in gross motor development. It provides many ways to play. Younger kids can slide safely and can experience a smooth surface. It requires some cleanliness regularly. It is good to neat it two days once. Instruct your kids not to use shoes while playing in this slide.
 Play structured slide  (Bigger) Choose this type only if you have an enormous space in your house or backyard of your house. Though it provides a lot of ways to play, it is not suitable for indoors. As it is well suited only for the larger area. A slide with a swing or basketball hoop can keep your child busy all the time, and your elder son or daughter can also play. Know about the setup. This slide takes some amount of time to arrange.

Benefits of indoor slides

Balance and coordination: As children grow, balancing and hand-coordination is very important. When they climb to enjoy the slide, climbing gives them hand coordination. They also know about the spatial arrangements around them and thus learn balance.

Flexibility: Children grasp the rungs of the ladder, they are stretching their body to reach the next step, and they are strengthening their hands and legs. It increases flexibility and stretchability.


All toddlers will be growing fast. The most important factor for their growth is physical and mental stimulation. Slides are known to be the center attraction for every kid in a playground. The developmental benefits of an indoor slide are many, and they can be an amazing play tool for toddlers. So never miss buying the best indoor slide for toddlers. They come in unique designs, patterns, and styles. But it is your choice to select the best indoor slide for a toddler.