Well, he’s finally here!! After the excitement and drama from the birth, I have a chance to see what my child looks like. I am partial, but I think he is beautiful. I can see his short limbs. His arms reach his waist and no further. Most newborns arms reach to their hips, Knoah’s does not. Knoah’s legs are short, mainly his thigh or femur. His head is large as well as his torso being long.

With the TLC show Little People, Big World most people I have encountered are becoming increasingly more aware of dwarfism and it’s not just something you see at a sideshow. I think that being a parent of a little person opens up new experiences and you see things you didn’t before. I have heard people say things like, “Oh, I have seen that show and they are so small and cute.” Or “It’s amazing they are normal.”….hence the name of this blog!

I have found dressing Knoah is presenting some challenges. It is difficult to find things to fit right. I have to roll up his sleeves and his legs just flop around in anything bigger than NB (newborn) sleepers. Yes, he is short and cute. His little arms and legs are precious. I adore his little feet, but with dwarfism comes a whole host of medical complications.